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  • Product name: Type C Cutting Machine
  • Product Number: Type C Cutting Machine
  • Added time: 2011-02-28
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Characteristics :

  1. The main frame of this machine is welded from square profile steel with strong structure,high strength and no deformation.
  2. This machine has horizontal,vertical and portrait cutting devices,it can realize 3-direction cutting,which improves production efficiency. It is specially applicable to block cutting.
  3. This machine applies converter speed governing,which makes stable moving,and large range of step-less speed governing accordingly.Guide-rail drive makes cutting trim and flat.It applies motor-decelerator integrating system,which lowers the noise,has high practical value.
  4. Voltage: applies large power transformer, which promote the speed of cutting and lengthen service life.
  5. This machine applies cutting retract device, which can shorten 3-10 mins when replace.
  6. This machine applies multi-wire cross cutting setting, which can cut the block to 3mm.

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